Can you work in genomics... without a background in genomics?

I completed my Ph.D. back in August 2008, and have about a year and a half's worth of postdoctoral experience. I consider myself having a strong background in the following concepts:rnrn- Enzymologyrn- Protein phosphorylationrn- Comparative biochemistry and physiologyrn- Metabolic adaptation to stressrn- Biochemical regulationrnrnClearly, those have little- if anything- to do with genomics. I'd nevertheless be curious to know if any of that has any application whatsoever to a career in genomics.rnrnMany thanks,rnChris
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  • I guess at some point genetics has to come into it but it probably doesn't have to be your major. I'm on the Communications side and my background is in journalism - not science. I've come across lawyers who also have a science background and they have ended up working in bioethics. Our Chief Science officer has an MSc. in Molecular Sciences from the Agricultural University in Wageningen and a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary. Our Program Director has MBA in finance and marketing from McMaster University and a background in medical research and clinical chemistry. So I'd say , no, you don't have to be a geneticist.rnI'll get our CEO to write up a paragraph as well and post it in the next day or so.
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