Prion 2011

By Mike Spear
Tags: prions
PrioNet Canada and the Alberta Prion Research Institute are co-hosting the world’s largest international prion research conference, PRION 2011, in Montreal, Quebec from May 16-19. This is the first time this conference is being presented outside of Europe. This international PRION 2011 congress will follow in the same tradition as past PRION conferences and aims to welcome over 600 attendees from around the world. PRION 2011 anticipates over 55 speakers and will include an outstanding list of plenary lectures, special sessions, “hot topic” panels, networking activities, and poster presentations.
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Posted by Mike Spear


I am the Communications Director for Genome Alberta and we manage this application. In my past life I was a journalist and manager with the CBC. You can find my genome posted at

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