Genetic Alliance 25th Anniversary Annual Conference: 25 Years of Innovation

By Mike Spear
Thursday: Genetics Day on the Hill and Gene Screen Friday: Daylong Symposia and Dinner Debate Saturday: In-depth Workshops and Awards Dinner Sunday: Biobank and Leadership Workshops Twenty-five years is an important anniversary for any organization; it is a milestone of stability, a testament to perseverance. And yet, in this age of accelerating change, longevity does not guarantee relevance and perseverance is wasted without a commitment to grow and develop. That is why our 25th Anniversary Annual Conference will celebrate the power and promise of innovation. Our 25th year is not about us—it is about you. We invite you to reflect on your own personal experience of innovation. Explore how it is that you are an innovator. What dreams do you have for bettering the systems around you? What are you willing to risk to bring your idea to fruition? At our Annual Conference, we will recognize many among us who have made innovation an expression of their essential identities. You will recognize the passion for innovation in our presenters and awardees and all of your colleagues. Join us to explore innovation within you and beyond. Let’s celebrate and explore how we can and must transform healthcare together! Register now!
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Posted by Mike Spear


I am the Communications Director for Genome Alberta and we manage this application. In my past life I was a journalist and manager with the CBC. You can find my genome posted at

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